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A moment of your life, K-11
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// Alaotsikko: K11, deathfic, double-drabble

Title: A moment of your life
Author: koodivirhe.
Rating: K11
Genre: deathfic
Summary: Do you know the feeling when the time just stops?
Warning: death
A/N:  So this is a product of my mind, a sudden inspiration that I had this evening. It's in English, but it doesn't contain extremely difficult nor fancy words so it should be readable with less written knowledge. It may contain some mistakes with grammar. Enjoy.


Do you know the feeling when the time just stops? When everything freezes for a second? I'm having one of those moments right now. I can see the train getting closer, but still the time feels frozen. All sorts of questions run around my mind. How did it all come to this? What was the first time when I decided to end my life? Was it when my partner left me without a word and took our kids? When I lost my job? Or when I no longer had a place to call home? I don't know a certain answer to that, but I know that this isn't a sudden decision. It had been lingering on my mind for a long time. This is only the moment when I feel confident enough, that I'm strong enough to take the leap. Or desperate enough. I mean, you can't say you're strong when you're about to kill yourself and leave everything as they are, right? I would be strong if I would stay and keep on fighting. But I'm not that strong. There's only enough strength in me to run away. So I jump with screams of horror as my last company.
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