Kirjoittaja Aihe: EOS 10: It won't be easy, Ryan/Akmazian, fluffdraama, EN, S  (Luettu 1177 kertaa)


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Ficin nimi: It won't be easy
Kirjoittaja: Winga
Ikäraja: S
Fandom: EOS 10
Tyylilaji: fluff, draama
Paritus: Ryan Dalias/Akmazian
Vastuuvapaus: Justin McLachlan ym omistavat sarjan, minä en tällä rahaa tee.
Yhteenveto: Three snippets of a relationship.
Kirjoittajalta: Shuffle V -haasteeseen.
Rakastuin EOS 10 ensimmäiseltä kuulemalta joten totta kai halusin kirjoittaa siitä jotain ja toivon että muutkin löytävät sarjan ja kasvattavat fandomia.

It won’t be easy

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – 40 Day Dream

Ryan opens the door, knowing it’s going to be Akmazian. He has been visiting more and more lately and Ryan isn’t sure that it’s a good thing. The other man is still an alleged terrorist and there’s still a hunt for him going on.

“I needed to see you,” Akmazian says when the door opens and Ryan moves away to let him. “I really needed to see you.”


“I could die. Any given moment. And any given moment when my last memory isn’t of you isn’t good,” Akmazian replies and Ryan frowns.

“What’s going on?” he asks and the door closes.

“There’s a prize on my head from both sides,” Akmazian replies and stares at Ryan. “And if I’m going to die soon, you need to know that all my flirting has been real. Even though it may have felt like less than real at points.”

Ryan tilts his head. He blinks. “Alright. I. Thank you for that.”

“So thank you for letting me in.”

Ryan smiles. “But that’s the least I could do.”


Good Old War – Amazing Eyes

There’s been less contact now, because Akmazian isn’t sure if Ryan wants to see him anymore. But Akmazian thinks about Ryan, thinks about how gorgeous he is. How nice he looks, how well his eyes fit him.

And he has to see Ryan again, no matter what the other one thinks.

He knocks on the door not sure if Ryan is even going to open the door for him. But Ryan does and the surprise in his eyes is so delightful.

“I don’t mind what you think but I still need to see you,” Akmazian says when he’s let in and the door closes behind him.

Ryan grins. “You haven’t let me close enough you to show you what I meant it was the least I could do.”


And suddenly Ryan has Akmazian pushed against the door. “Yeah.” And he’s kissing him like there’s no tomorrow, because when you’re harbouring a known terrorist there might not even be.


Edwin McCain – I’ll Be

“I don’t think I’m going to let you go away,” Ryan says when Akmazian gets up from the bed trying to sneak out when he thinks Ryan is sleeping. “Otherwise, how do I know you’re ever coming back?”

Akmazian sighs and sits back on the bed. “But you know how bad it would be if I was found here.”

“I don’t care.”

“I care about your safety,” Akmazian replies and looks Ryan into his eyes.

Ryan sighs. “I know. I know but I don’t like this. I know we’re going to clear your name and even then you’ll be a target. Or especially then.”

Akmazian smiles and touches Ryan’s face with his hand. “But then at least we’ll have some support from the other side, the side you’re on, we’re both on.”

Ryan nods and leans into the touch. “I know. Fine. Go. But make sure you come back again.”

“I will. When I can.”

When Akmazian is gone, Ryan notices he’s changed shirt and left his own. He smiles fondly.
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