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Title: Leap of Faith
Author: Angelina
Fandom: Inception
Rating: S
Paring: Arthur/Cobb

A/N: Kävin läpi mun tekstitiedostoja ja löysin tällaisen. Tein muutaman hienosäädön ja mietin, että ei tätä silti voi julkaista (varsinkaan 5 kk julkaisutauon jälkeen...) Kuulemma aina voi, joten tässä ollaan. Oon halunnut kirjottaa Inceptionia ja nimenomaan Arthur/Cobbia, koska en oo koskaan ollut Arthur/Eames -shipperi ja Cobb (Leo) is my man ;D Tää on ihan vaan lyhkäinen pätkä ilman sen kummempaa ideaa - kunhan halusin kirjottaa mitä olisi voinut tapahtua, kun muille selvisi ettei Cobb ollut rehellinen heidän retkestään Fischerin uniin. Kommentit on kivoja <3


Arthur loves his job.

Sure, it’s illegal but that’s part of the excitement. He gets to create things - things that other people can only dream about. Literally.

Dominic Cobb is the one who picked him and taught him everything he knows. Cobb, who is brilliant and annoying and full of dark secrets.

Cobb, who has led them all into Fischer’s dream without sharing the fact that dying won't wake them up but trap them into limbo, possibly forever, making Arthur truly fear his job for the first time ever.

“You had no right,” Arthur whispers.

He feels like Cobb has betrayed him. He’s betrayed the others too, but to Arthur, this is about the two of them - him and Cobb.

Like it always has been.

“This is the only way,” Cobb answers quietly, avoiding Arthur’s eyes.

Behind them, the others are trying to clean up Saito’s bullet wound while yelling instructions to each other.

Arthur barely hears them.

“Arthur, you have to understand -”

“I’ve always understood,” Arthur snaps. “I’ve always believed in you! I’ve followed you everywhere. I trusted you, and you kept this from me!”

The others quiet down. Ariadne and Yusuf help Saito to the other room while Eames frowns at the two of them.

“You two better get your shit together,” he tells them. “We’re in this mess, all of us, and if you two keep fighting we might as well shoot ourselves right now.”

Eames goes after the others and shuts the door behind him. Arthur closes his eyes and shakes his head.

“I can’t believe this. After everything we’ve been through.”

There’s a manic look in Cobb’s eyes and he brushes fingers through his already messy hair.

“That’s exactly why I did it.”

Arthur stops pacing around and looks at him, doubt clear on his face.

“I agreed to this mission so that I can go home,” Cobb explains. “So that we can go home.”

“I’m allowed into the United States,” Arthur says with a frown.

“I meant together.”

It feels like a punch to the gut.

They’ve never talked about it before although sometimes Arthur has wondered if the lingering looks, or the soft assurances that they’re really awake after the missions mean something more, but he has never dared to hope.

He’s been aware of his own feelings for years but Cobb is almost impossible to read, and talking about feelings with him is about as easy as the mission they’re currently on.

Arthur would follow him anywhere, nonetheless.

Even after the betrayal.

“Don’t say that if you don’t mean it.”

Cobb doesn’t answer immediately. Instead, he takes a cautious step forward before touching Arthur’s chin gently.

“I mean it. We’re going to figure this out together like we always do, and then we’ll go home. You and me. Just believe in me one more time. Like you always have.”

Cobb’s gaze is piercing, full of promise, and Arthur realizes he’s shivering under it.

“You and me.”

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