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Waiting for sleep, S, EN
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Title: Waiting for sleep
Author: LillaMyy
Rating: S
Characters: Lidnir, a nameless bear
Beta: -
Genre: drama, fantasy
Challenges: Fantasiahaaste and "And Nellie's Your Aunt!"
A/N: I was looking for a creature to write about, found gnomes and this happened. :D There’s not really much going on here, but since I haven’t written anything proper in AGES, this will serve nicely. :D

Waiting for sleep

Lidnir sat in his little hollow, which was located inside a much larger cave that belonged to a much larger creature than he. The little gnome pulled his hat further and blew out a small ring of smoke from his old and much used pipe.

The cave echoed the footsteps of bigger paws as Lidnir leaned against a wall. He listened curiously at what was making so much noise.
“Ah, a bear”, he muttered to himself and shrugged his shoulders. The creature wouldn’t bother him if the didn’t bother it first. So, it was best to wait until it was fast asleep before heading out.

Lidnir lifted his feet to a stool and blew another smoke ring. He huffed and puffed a while when the smoke filled his nose and lungs.
“Rats”, he cursed and sneezed loudly into his small embroidered handkerchief.
“Now it will never sleep, and I must wait even longer”, he muttered knowing the bear had heard him. The creature made even louder noises when it most likely searched the cave for signs of intrusion.
“Stupid animal”, Lidnir coughed and set his pipe aside. Perhaps it was best not to smoke while waiting for the bear to fall asleep, he thought to himself.

Once the sounds above his head petered out Lidnir finally came out of his little hollow on the side of the cave. He saw the huge, brown bear curled up in a ball sleeping soundly. He took off his hat and bowed at the creature before running off in search of a bite to eat.

"Durin's folk do not flee from a fight."
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