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When Keith Jones saw Lance McClain for the first time, he was not pleased.
What was captain Shiro thinking, accepting a
girl in fighter school!
After seeing her in action, he didn't know what to think anymore though.

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Writer: liljankukka
Rating: General audiences / Sallittu

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Notice! This is an AU where the characters from Voltron are in a fighter school (that I have created) and Lance McClain is born female (cis girl). Also Keith's last name isn't confirmed so I created one for him.

I'll fight for you

1. / A girl!?
(350 words)

Keith was sitting in his room, waiting for captain Shiro to call him. They had a new student at the school and he was supposed to show him around. He was excited about the new student because not many people liked him, and he was curious to see what kind of person the newbie was.

“Jones, come to the lounge”, Keith heard captain saying but before he could answer, the captain had already ended the call.

Keith got up and rushed to the lounge, before the captain could call him again, and almost tripped on the stairs, twice. When he finally got to the lounge, the captain was already tapping his foot impatiently.

“Good, you’re here. The new one will be here soon, her name is Lance”, the captain quickly explained before taking off, leaving a confused Keith standing in the lounge.

“Wait, a girl!” Keith finally yelled out when the information reached his brain. The captain was already gone though.

“Hey, are you Keith?” He heard someone asking and turned around, freezing for a moment.

The girl was beautiful. Her cocoa colored skin, brown, wavy hair and dark eyes. She was just a bit shorter than him, just like Keith liked. Even though Keith didn’t think that a girl could fight better than, or even as good as, boys, (Pidge was an exception, really) he thought that the uniform suited Lance well.

“You’re Lance, right?” Keith asked back, watching the newbie from head to toe.

“Yeah, I was supposed to meet captain Shiro, is he here?” Lance asked, looking around interestedly.

“He just left. I’m supposed to show you around”, Keith said, still watching Lance warily.

“Oh, okay… Shall we, then?” Lance giggled lightly.

Even though Keith might have blushed due to Lance’s giggle, he still thought that there was no way she could actually be a good fighter. She was so small and fragile that Keith was a bit afraid of the upcoming fight between her and Hunk. But it was her problem.

“We shall”, Keith said, flashing her one of his most charming smiles. And Lance blushed.
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