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Title: Training Montage
Author: Angelina
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: S
Paring: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Angelina
Summary: “Do you yield?”

A/N: Juuuh ei tätä voi selitellä - I am in love with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mutta mulla oli ihan liian hauskaa kun valkkasin itelleni sopivaa taistelutyyliä ja mietin kuka ois mun jedimestari :'D Mace Windu ofc <3

Haasteet: Parita itsesi fiktiiviselle hahmolle V ja Olkoon Voima kanssasi II


Usually, the training salle is empty late at night. Angelina prefers to train alone without the watchful eyes of the other Jedi Knights or the enthusiastic cheers from the younglings, so she always books the salle to herself when most of the Temple is getting ready for the night's rest.

But this evening it isn’t empty, and Angelina stops in her tracks when she sees who occupies it.

Master Kenobi has removed his tunics, and he's practicing his katas wearing only a thin pair of leggings. His muscular, hairy chest is glistening with sweat when he moves around with clear precision. His eyes are closed, a small concentrative frown on his handsome face.

Angelina debates on letting Master Kenobi know that she's present but at the same time she doesn’t want to bother him. And watching him is… enchanting. Angelina is mesmerized.

She has always admired Obi-Wan - his calmness, his wisdom, his strength. And sometimes, in the privacy of her mind, she thinks about all the things Master Kenobi could do to her if he wanted to.

“Angelina, is that you?”

Obi-Wan hasn’t opened his eyes but he's sensed her Force signature. Angelina can feel a slight blush creeping onto her cheeks - she should have known that her presence wouldn’t go unnoticed.

“Y-yes, it’s me. I'm sorry Master Kenobi, I didn’t know that the salle was occupied.”

“That’s quite alright, dear,” Obi-Wan says. He ends his final kata and puts his training saber down. His blue eyes are soft and kind when he turns his gaze to her.

“I know you like to train alone,” he says, and Angelina's blush deepens, “but I was wondering if we could try together? Your style differs from Anakin's, and I'd like to think that I can also offer you something Master Windu cannot.”

Yes, you can, Angelina thinks, and is utterly grateful that she and Obi-Wan don’t share a bond. She’d be mortified if Master Kenobi knew even half of what she thought about him.

“Sure,” Angelina says with confidence that she doesn’t really feel. “I’ll promise to go easy on you, seeing that you’ve already worn yourself out.”

Obi-Wan just smirks - a sight that makes Angelina’s heart flutter.

They bow to each other before taking their opening stances - Obi-Wan with his preferred Soresu, and Angelina with her more aggressive Ataru.

It is a well-known fact that Obi-Wan’s combat style is based on patience and defense. He often waits for his opponent to lose focus and get restless before he strikes. Angelina knows that to be the reason why Obi-Wan’s former padawan lost their battles so often.

Angelina herself is sometimes too eager and overly confident but nowhere near as much as Skywalker - she also lacks his speed and his power in the Force - but she is cunning, and a sneaky warrior. Master Windu has taught her to mask her moves and use the element of surprise to her advantage.

That’s what she tries with Obi-Wan, too. Angelina picks up her pace, getting closer and closer to Obi-Wan before she suddenly withdraws, spins around, and tries to sneak up on Obi-Wan’s back. Her trick might have worked with other Knights, maybe even with some of the Masters who were not as skilled fighters with a lightsaber - but not with Obi-Wan Kenobi. He seems to sense her movements before they happen, and after that, it’s easy for him to dodge her blow. His movements are so quick, so elegant, that Angelina is mesmerized once again.

And due to the distraction, her retreat is too slow, and before she can even blink Obi-Wan is pinning her down on the training mat.

“Do you yield?”

Obi-Wan is only a little out of breath while Angelina thinks that her lungs are going to give out. She tries to get away from Obi-Wan’s grip but it’s useless. He stares down at her, a playful smile on his lips and a drop of sweat glistening over his upper lip.

Angelina stares a bit too long, unable to speak. She manages a slow nod, and Obi-Wan gets off of her, helping her up too.

“Your movements have improved miraculously,” he compliments. “You did very well, dear.”

“But you still won,” Angelina points out, feeling a bit disappointed in herself.

“And why would you say that was?”

Angelina thinks for a moment before looking down, ashamed.

“I was distracted. And overly eager. I should’ve been more patient, and not lean on offense so much.”

Obi-Wan puts his hand on her shoulder, smiling encouragingly. He calls her a good girl with that sweet Coruscanti accent, making Angelina's knees buckle.

“Tha - thank you, Master.”

“I’m not your Master, dear.”

And for a moment Angelina’s brain is not connected to her mouth. She blames Obi-Wan’s touch, his warm grip on her shoulder, and the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

“You could be.”

Obi-Wan’s grip on her shoulder tightens, and for a moment she swears that his gaze darkens. They stare at each other for what feels like ages, and Angelina holds her breath until she feels dizzy.

“Angelina…” Obi-Wan says roughly, but he’s interrupted with a loud cough.

“Am I interrupting something?”

Angelina takes a quick step back, and Obi-Wan’s hand slides off of her shoulder. They turn to look at the training salle’s doors where Anakin Skywalker stands, his hands folded, looking at them suspiciously.

“Ah, Anakin,” Obi-Wan says with a smile. “I’ll be ready in a minute.” He bows to Angelina, as is customary after sparring, before leaving to the freshers.

Angelina stares after him before turning to grab her things from the floor. When she straightens up, Anakin is in front of her, staring at her with an ominous look on his face. He’s looming over her, and Angelina swallows heavily under Anakin’s glare, but refuses to back away.

She will not let the Chosen One win that easily, after all.

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Mmmmhhh 🤤🤤 Minä haluan myös treenata Obi-Wanin kanssa myöhään illalla, mielellään vaakatasossa 😎 Ei kun mit- 🤭

Mutta siis taas kerran aivan loistava ficci sulta tähän ”parita itseisi”-haasteeseen! Ihan mahtavaa kiusoittelua ja varsinaisen asian ympärillä tanssimista 😉 Angelina kyllä tietää mitä tahtoo ja hän sen kyllä varmasti myös saisi. Toki tuolla on tuo Anakin kuvioissa ja hänellä saattaa olla hieman toisenlaiset ajatukset Obi-Wanin suhteen 😄

Tuo kun Obi-Wan kutsui Angelinaa dear, saatoin ihan vähän sulaa. Muutenkin tuo miten olit Obi-Wanin tässä kirjoittanut sai mut ymmärtämään joitain asioita ehkä hieman paremmin 😁

Tää oli aivan paras aamun (ja viikon!) aloitus ❤️ Kiitos!



I think it's time for little story... It's definitely Storytime!


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The thirst is real, jälleen kerran xDD
Obiakin vaikutti tässä vähän janottavan Angelinan suuntaan (ah, tumma katse!), mutta tietysti Anakin tulee tunkemaan kapuloita rattaisiin.
Sisäisesti huutonauroin, kun Anakin tuossa lopussa tuli uhkaavan lähelle Angelinaa ja noin muutenkin oli kädet puuskassa ja oma murjottava itsensä 🤣 Ylipäätään jo Anakinin ilmestyminen riitti hekotuksen alkamiseen.
On siinä pojalla ollut (ja on ilmeisesti yhä) hommaa, kun Obi-Wan on selvästi myös tässä versumissa äänestetty nuorempien toimesta pantavimmaksi mestariksi xD
Mmmhmm, toisella lukukerralla tämä tuntui vielä jännitteisemmältä kun ensimmäisellä, ja melkeen toivoisi, että Anakin olisi vielä hetken malttanut odottaa keskeytyksensä kanssa.
Koska siis hnnnnngh, Obi-Wania selvästi vähän kiksautti, kun Angelina sanoi sitä Mestariksi, ja varsinkin tuo "You could be."  🤤🥴
Also Obi-Wanin helvetinmoinen daddy!energia tässä eiku

Kiitos tästä, nautin :'D


Growing older feels strange when your best friend ages in scars.