Kirjoittaja Aihe: The Stand, Letters for the ones we love(d) [EN] (S)  (Luettu 1998 kertaa)


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Author: Winga
Pairings: Depends on the letter
Rating: S/PG
Fandom: The Stand (movie version)
Genre: drama, fluff, etc... drabbles
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They are the property of Stephen King.
Warnings: slash? Don't think there are any
Summary: Dear one, this is something I have to tell.
A/N: So I was watching The Stand with Merriadoc and we realized there were many good pairings to write of. And write I did.
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This is a collection of letters. I do not know how many I shall write more, but I do think there'll be more. The concept won't be the same in the letters. If it would be, they wouldn't fit with each other. Do keep in mind, that this is fiction.

Letters for the ones we love(d)


Dear Nadine,

I believe that we won't be anything anymore. I have found my true self on my journey to find Abagail.
First I met this one woman with her son and thought she was the one I would fall in love with. But then I met others. And there was also Nick.
I guess you know what I'm saying.
But I'm missing my point. The real reason for me to write is to invite you to our wedding. Me and Nick, we decided to get married.
So, if you'd like to com, you're welcome.

Not yours anymore,
Larry Underwood

2. A/N: For you, who do not know/guess, Bitch is Fran.

Dear Bitch,

You seduced Stuart even though you knew I loved you. Then he made you pregnant and you were happy. Do you know how I felt?
I left when we got to Abagail and heard her saying you were pregnant. I needed a little time for myself.
When I came back, you were still together. But then he left you (for the retarded, no less!) and you were alone with your kid.
You were stupid to think I'd still take you back. Like I couldn't get anyone else!
But I did. And Nadine is so much better.

Harold Lauder


Dear men of the community,

I may not be able to hear you but I still understand you very well. I know that most of you are gay. WHY DON'T YOU ACCEPT ME, YOU FUCKING QUEERS?
Stuart, you had a woman. Still you were eyeing Harold. Me you left unseen.
Larry, you had got married. Still you kept staring at STUART.
Either one of you could have been talking to ME! I noticed you!
Only Tom notice me. But I couldn't use him. Just come to me, please!

I'm always yours,
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 ;D Mun naamallani on varmaan nyt aika hyvä ilme. Eipä tullut mieleeni, että joku kirjoittaisi edes jotain The Standista, mutta näköjään. Yksi mun suosikkikirjoistani kautta aikojen, mutta muistan myös leffaversion jotenkuten. Siinä oli mielenkiintoisia jännitteitä, muistaakseni, ja nyt kun silmäilen sitä ficcarin silmiin, avautuu nämä mahdollisuudet, joista olet tämän ficin kirjeet kirjoittanut.  ;D Tahtoo nähdä sen uudestaan. Loistavaa. Näin sen olisi pitänyt mennä tai näin sen varmaan menikin, mutta osa oli pakko jättää pois.  :D Harold oli ehkä mulkku, mutta se oli yksi parhaista hahmoista kirjassa, jossa muuten oli aika hyvin selvillä, ketkä on hyviksiä ja ketkä pahiksia. :D Harold ei valmiiksi ollut pahis, se vaan meni vähän sekaisin.